Photos by Katie
Wedding & Portrait photography
Birmingham, AL
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Photo Gallery
I would love to take your most precious memory shots.  
This website is a portfolio and gallery of pictures that I
have taken and hope you will enjoy.  I use digital
photography not only for the convenience of computer
technology, email, disc storage and disc proof options,
but also for the many artistic options it allows.  
Photography is something I love and enjoy because of
the creative and artistic aspects.  Most of all I love it
because I treasure all of the photographs I have of  my
children, my wedding, and the oldest pictures I have of my
family, friends and ancestors.  A good picture is
something that many generations will love, remember, and
Please click on tabs above for a glimpse at my portfolio.  
For more information on appointments, pricing, location
settings, detailed wedding information or any other
questions you can contact me using the following
information.  Thank you for visiting this site and check
back for more photos and more detailed information
that will be added soon.

Katie Bates
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